Minutes from Meeting October 5, 2013

Thank you again to everyone who came and everyone who made snacks! And special thanks to Jeff Chatterton who has agreed to be our new Chapter Secretary!

This meeting, we focused on defining who we are and throwing out ideas for campaigns and projects. You can read through some of our campaign ideas below. If you couldn’t make it, we would still love to hear your own ideas and passions – be sure to share them on our facebook page or email us!


First PDX HPA meeting – October 5th, 2013, 12:30pm

Location: Multnomah County Library in Belmont

Attendance: 10

Suzanne V. C.
Lily V. C.
Britney L.
Krissie S.
Niels T.
Rob T.
Jeff C.
Brandie S.
Bart S.
Beka G.

Minutes: Jeff C.

Old business: None – first meeting

First order of business: introductions, ice breaker question (Favorite Magical Beast?), and list of fandoms people love.

Second order of business: Introduction to what the HPA is, its origins, and its current projects.

Third order of business: Our goal is to do good works for the community in politics and charity.

Fourth order of business: New ideas for possible projects!
– Christmas store for domestic violence shelter needs culturally specific and non-English books. – Krissie
– Health related projects, immunizations, medicines – Britney
– Staged readings for kids in schools, using the fandoms as the catalyst for talking about real world – Bart
– Talking about bullying using fandom examples. Get involved with community clothing exchange.  – Suzanne
– Northwest Power and Conservation, presentations about climate change – Suzanne
– Basic Rights Oregon signature drive for marriage equality. – Beka

Another meeting in November – announcement to come via Facebook & email.
Saturday before Halloween – Corn Maze trip to Sauvie Island. Facebook invite and email will go out.

End of meeting: 1:35pm

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