Meeting Minutes January 16, 2014

Meeting began at 6:00pm

Location: Multnomah County Library, Belmont 

Attendance: 4

Brandie S.
Bas P.
Corinne M.
Richard V.

Minutes: Brandie S.

Old Business:

Went over topics discussed in last meeting including the different possibilities for future  projects (see Fourth Order of business in 10/5/13 minutes).

New Business:

First order of business: Introduction of new members Corinne S. & Bas P., explanation of what the HPA is

Second order of business: Discussion of first project.

– Brandie presented the idea that the first project be a non-English language book drive. Explained that she has at least two contacts that can help with this, Adrienne L. who is a foreign language book donation expert and Stephen, who is putting on NWFLYA in March, 2014. All in attendance agreed that this would be a good first project. Potentially, project will end with a collection drive at the NWFLYA convention.

-Brandie will make appropriate connections

-Potential for a booth and/or panel at the conference. Corinne and Bas would both like to help if    schedules permit.

-Bas to contact friend, Katie, who is involved with children’s literature projects for the state of  Oregon and who may be able to help with our book drive.

Third order of business: Secondary project.

-Bas presented the idea of a Blood Wars Red Cross blood drive in the vein of the Star Wars vs Star Trek blood collection battle that took place around Xmas time. Maybe HP vs Twilight? Other fandoms?

-Brandie will contact the Red Cross to find out about setting this up. Potential date in April. (This looks like it is an annual event now

Fourth order of business: Recap of The Project for Awesome (P4A)

-Brandie explained the P4A and showed the John Green video announcing that the HPA will receive $50,000 of the $869,146 raised by the Nerdfighters.

Fifth order of business: Brandie’s Basic Rights Oregon birthday fundraiser

-Brandie invited those present (and those not present!) to her birthday party on Feb 8th, which will also be a fundraiser for BRO to support marriage equality in the state of Oregon.

Sixth order of business: Set date for next meeting.

-Sunday, February 16th @ 11am at the Belmont library

Meeting adjourned at 7:00pm

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