Hogwarts Early Admission Program

On Sunday, July 31st, the first ever Hogwarts Early Admission Program took place!  Meeting in the Hogwarts Small Hall (temporarily located at the Multnomah Central Library), students, alumni, and interested Muggles got together for an afternoon of well-mannered frivolity.  Dueling skills were honed with the ancient game of Reducto, Protego, Expelliarmus.  Teams formed to compete in a fast-paced Transfigurations challenge.  The History of Magic exam tested even the most attentive of students on their knowledge of recent Wizarding history.  We finished our afternoon with a special reading from “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”, led by our very own Headmistress, Brandie.


Prizes were given to the top students from each class, and to some students who, while not well-informed, were at least very creative. House points were awarded, and Ravenclaw took the House Cup!  Congratulations, Eagles!


Of course, it was great fun for everyone involved, but we came together for a more important reason. Our charity partner for this event was Youth Progress, an organization that helps high-risk youth.  We put out a call for school supplies, clothing, and hygiene items, and the response was overwhelming!  Donations came from almost every person walked through the door, in quantities we did not expect.  It was a very good thing that several backpacks were donated, or we would have had difficulty carrying it all out!


It was a warm reminder that the HPA and fans of Harry Potter everywhere are capable of doing so much good and making a tremendous change in the world. We came together to make this first event of a new era the best it could be, and from here, anything is possible!


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