August 2016 Meeting Recap

August 21, 2016

Belmont Library Meeting Room


Attended by:    Bas Porter

Morgan Johnson

Brandie Sylfae



The group discussed the success of HEAP and what our next event should be.


I proposed a fundraiser tied to the release of Fantastic Beats, to benefit a local transgender support organization, which falls in line with the HPA’s current Protego campaign. In preparation, I’ve been in touch with the event coordinator at the Bagdad Theater.  There are two rooms attached to the Backstage Bar (For those unaware, the Backstage Bar is a beautiful space behind the theater with an eclectic 20s theme.) that are available for private events for the cost of catering.  Our event would be a 21+ “speakeasy” party and would include food and a ticket to the movie, with a private entrance into the theater just for party-goers.  Due to space limitations, there would be a VERY limited number of tickets available.  The fundraising will primarily be from tickets sales, but there is the possibility of a raffle and the sale of “charms” and candy.


I proposed our charity partner be the TransActive Gender Center, a local group that focuses on supporting young people and families. I will be reaching out to them soon to see if they’re interested.


Unfortunately, the Bagdad is unable to confirm that they will be showing Fantastic Beast until October. They are “leaning toward it”, and so excited about the idea that they’ve reserved the rooms for us without a deposit.  Because we will have very little turnaround time after getting confirmation, we will need a work team ready to make final decisions and help prepare for the event.  I will follow-up on that as we get closer.


For other potential future events, Brandie shared an idea of Bart’s, to begin a dueling club. The Hogwarts Dueling Club – Portland Chapter.  The concept would be reoccurring dueling lessons aimed at all ages.  It would combine spellwork with physical activity, including tumbling and performance in reaction to spells.  The culminations of these lessons and practices would be a mass duel in a public space, done flash mob style.


Morgan also informed the group that there is a new deck building Harry Potter game coming out in September, and the group discussed the idea of a game night at Guardian Games. They offer reserved gaming space for free, and there are a variety of Harry Potter games we could play in groups.  She will do some follow-up and post about the new game soon.


We talked briefly a Portland HPA team going to the Muddy Muggle in June of 2017. Not all team members would have to participate in the main race itself, as there are other activities, a feast, and a festival.


The group also discussed the possibility of opening our Facebook group in order to better promote ourselves and our events. Given the effect on the privacy of the group as a whole, we agreed that we would started a secondary group, open to the public, to be used to promote and manage events, while keeping our existing closed group as an place for internal discussion and planning.


We discussed a meet-up on Saturday at the Rose City Comic Con. As we get closer and the schedule is released, we can pin down a specific time.  No costumes required, but a chance to say hello and get familiar with each other’s faces.


Finally, we decided the date for the next meeting, which will be on Sunday, October 16th, at 1pm.  It will again take place at the Belmont Library meeting room.

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