The Yule Ball

It is with great pleasure that PDXpelliarmus would like to announce the 2021 Yule Ball!

This year’s Yule Ball will be to benefit Color Outside the Lines! They are a local nonprofit that works to inspire and enrich the lives of foster children in the PNW by providing opportunities for creativity with arts and music. For example, during the pandemic, they created Color Inside Art Kits, which contain art supplies, original coloring books made up art donated by local artists, workbooks that feature ways to navigate anxiety and depression through art, all in a tote bag featuring the child’s name!

Much this year is still uncertain, but the Yule Ball is happening, and we are conjuring up some new fun to share with all of you. The 2021 Yule Ball will include a variety of virtual and real world elements, so we can share the magic with as many people as possible. There will be games to be played, trivia to test your wizarding knowledge, and craft workshops that will include kits you can order so you can create with us at home!

The Virtual TriWizard Tournament will return! This at-home event will challenge your determination, creativity, and wizarding skills. Champions will be tasked to perform feats of wizardry, to create magical items, and to explore the magic in the world around us. We will be extending the duration of the tournament for 2021, so champions have more time to complete their tasks! (Or take long bubble baths with ghost friends, whatever works for you.)

Will there be a live Ball? We are still hopeful, but cautious. Things are changing rapidly, and as much as we miss dancing the night away with you all, we also need to do what’s best for our community. As soon as we know it’s safe to gather again with all you magical people, we will share that news!

We’re very happy to support their mission, and look forward to sharing more about their magical programs!

Please follow the 2021 Yule Ball event on Facebook for more announcements as we finalize our plans!