About PDXpelliarmus

PDXpelliarmus is the Portland Chapter of Fandom Forward, formerly known as The Harry Potter Alliance.  We engage our local community to promote literacy, equality, and human rights, to raise funds for worthy nonprofits, and to encourage fan activism and civic engagement.

Our annual activities include participation in the Accio Books campaign, collecting books for local and international schools and libraries. We host the Hogwarts Early Admission Program, a free day of crafts and activities at a local library.  For the past three years, we’ve teamed up with McMenamin’s Kennedy School for a Wizarding Weekend, to celebrate Harry’s birthday with a special event and school supply drive.

In December, we present the Yule Ball, an evening of well-mannered frivolity that includes a feast, music, dancing, butterbeer, and magic.  We have welcomed hundreds of guests from all over the Pacific Northwest and raised tens of thousands of dollars for organizations including ChickTech, Girls Build, Kids In Need of Defense, and more.

In October of 2018, PDXpelliarmus became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, incorporated in the State of Oregon.  Our EIN is 83-2006002

Our Board of Governors

  • Brandie Sylfae – Headmistress
  • Bas Porter – Deputy Headmistress
  • Desirée A. Christian

You can contact them at PDXHPA@gmail.com.

About Fandom Forward

Fandom Forward (formerly known as The Harry Potter Alliance) is an international 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that takes an outside-the-box approach to activism by using parallels from books, movies, and other media to educate and mobilize people across the world toward working for social change. They work with volunteers of every age who wish to make a difference in their lives, their communities, and the world. By translating some of the world’s most pressing issues into the framework of stories that inspire us, we hope to make social issues more accessible and activism less intimidating. We aim to provide specific ways in which volunteers can take action on a variety of different human rights and social justice issues, as well as provide volunteers with the understanding and confidence to pursue causes in their local communities.

More information on Fandom Forward can be found at FandomForward.org.